Book riview of”A Thousand Splendid Suns ” by Khaleed Hosseini.

Whats up people ? Well haven’t wrote since past month ,you know blogging requires a kick (rather a big spank ), would try to write on diverse topics now. But first let me review the book in the title ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ by Khaleed Hosseini.
There has never been a book i read that has literally made me shed tears (well except my high school Mathematics book) ,this book is a triumph in all senses.
The story starts from Herat,Iran where our first lead Mariam lives in a small village with her mother , his father is a reputed businessman in the city and she is an illegitimate child. Although the start is a bit melodramatic but it sets the pace for the rest of the book. Mariam is married to Rashid who is from Kabul and 25 yrs older than him and thus begins our tryst with Afghanistan and how the women are living their under Soviet Russia. Don’t think that the novel will give you any insight on the Afghan wars or political situation in the country. At the most it can give you some names to Google on if you are really interested in history. The politics acts out as a character in itself but basically does not alter any circumstances greatly.
So her life goes on in Kabul as a common Asian housewife . And then we are introduced with the second lead Laila , Laila who is the daughter of a high school teacher lives in Mariam’s neighbourhood . Circumstances make Laila marry Rasheed and simultaneously we see the comings of Taliban coming to Kabul. Laila gives birth to Aziza whos can be called the third female lead. A beautiful love binds Mariam,Laila and Aziza but there lives take turn with Rashid losing his job and Talibani ‘farmans’. This is just an overview of the story , the feelings cannot be expressed here.
The characters shown are all in cliche. Although Rasheed is a character made to hate but personally to me he comes across as a good man who has been hardened by the situations and life around him and so is Jalil (Mariam’s father) who visits him without fail on thursdays is a love -hate character. All in all this is a wonderful book with a heart warming story and there is happy ending .
I am going with 4 out of 5 🙂 . Read this book with tissue paper close.