A Dance with Dragons (Review of book 5 of A Song of Ice and Fire)

Whats up people? More than the pressing matter at hand (the review of book5 ) ,i am more concerned about what should i write next?? The net is full of writers , reviewers, advisors (sarastic retards) yet i pledge to write .
So Lets start with the review shall we??
For people too lazy to read there is TV (hell ya) ,now if you are this kind (you wont read the book anyway). But also if you are a show die hard who does not want to ruin the suspense ,But(life is a story of ifs and buts) if 2 or 3 years look so long (consider waiting for season 6 )for this book ,here’s my verdict for you.
As told this is not the continuation of book4 but the book 3 , so its very much possible to see glimpses of this book in season 4 of the show also. Also by 60% of this book the streams of book 4 and 5 merge and it starts to flow as one again.
The first 60%
In this part we travel North and in the free cities towads the stories of Stannis , Danerys ,Jon and Tyrion. Stannis marches on Winterfell captured by Boltons (with the support of Stark bannermen) . A fake Arya is sent to marry Ramsay . There is lot of conspiracy in North (google Frey Pies) with Manderleys and Mormonts still rooting for Starks and Davos is sent to search for Rickon while Bran is North of the wall with few remaining Children of Forest and the last Greensear (sorcerer). This is a huge book and there is a whole lot of talk of magic , dragons , sorcery , warging , sacrifices . This is the first book in the series which looks as a High fantasy genre.
Jon is the commander on wall and busy joining pacts with wildlings to fight their common foe (the others).
While the other part takes us to free cities where Danerys after becoming queen of Meeren and quashing slave trade is faced with enemies from inside and outside , she finally flies away on her dragon (presumed dead ) and the arrival of a Secret Targareyan reborn from dead ( although there is a strong pretender theory here). Tyrion has an adventure in free cities getting caught , freed ,caught again.
The story goes to King’s Landing with Cersei’s walk of shame ,Zombie of the Mountain and the masterstroke return of Varys with the official decleration of winter.My rating 4 out of 5 .. If this book is a build up to the next book …we ‘ll have a cold winter ahead.

What is to be expected next? First question when to expect the book – A too optimistic response would be mid or end 2014 but GRR writes when he writes .What to expect – well winter for sure and anothe post abt the possibilities. !Wait for it. Ciao.