A Feast for Crows (Review of book 4 of A Song of Ice and Fire)

Whats up people? Well the response has been good to my blog (11follower, hell ya) and so i ‘ve decided to update the blog every three days (though the wordpress interface baffles the shit out of me ). But lets review the book first ,shall we.
What happens when you kill all the main characters and write the next book?
A Feast for Crows.
A disclaimer -The books 4 and 5 are actually one book ,what has been done is in book 4 the after story of Red and Purple Wedding has been shown in King’s Landing and related characters .
In book5 the story travels North and in Free Cities and by the end of fifth book the stories unite.
Book4 is a small one covers basically Cersei in the aftermath of Tywin’s death . Cersei becomes the power centre but is unable to handle the pressure and falls into scheming and removing all her enemies but fails miserably and finally is overcome by Faith of Seven which in turn was empowered by Cersei to revive a 200 year old faith militantia .The story moves more towards religions and how they act when pressed to a corner , The red god ,drowned god, old and new gods its all  moving towards religions affecting ideoligies and when in tough times how powerful people try to mould religion to benifits, wile book 3 was treachery , deceit ,the attack of wildling on the wall and side by side the threat of white walkers and other things , wrath of dragons , war and conquerers ,this book is plainly an account of consolidation of the war.The war is almost over and its Now time for vengeance.
One continuos theme of this novel is the strength of women or their resolve for power , Cersei ,Merrywether ,Margery , Arriane and Sand Snakes of Dorne , Asha Greyjoy small wonder this book looks more of a drama sort than fantasy.
I’ll go with 4 out of 5 smileys for this book . Although the weakest book in the series it still has its strong points and makes for an interesting read never the less. Keep Reading for the review of the final novel (printed till date ). What else book should i review? Do suggest . Ciao !



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