A Storm of Swords ( Review of book 3 of A Song of Ice and Fire)

Whats up people (dropped the bitches thing )its a family show (blog) . Its on then ,review of book 3 ,the review you have been waiting(read dying) for ,the review of the century, it’s gonna be awesome (enough blabering about a blog post). Damn me and my monologues.
We should start then ,shall we?
What do you get when you mix -wine and marriage ?,blood and marriage?,an apple and wedding ? (Makes no sense)
‘The Red Wedding’ .I am going to give away the biggest spoiler of the century ,so if you don’t have the stomach for soiled things close the damn tab and move away from your screen. I have done my duty you will read it on your own risk.The show viewers must have torn their clothes apart during these scenes you know i am talkin about Season 3 episode ‘Rains of Castemere’ (which undid the thing that this was the worst season of GOT). Everybody dies ‘Valar Morghulis’ ,it is indeed known but this kind of horrific massacare of lead characters (heroes of the story)is unprecedented .Just when you are rooting for Robb Stark (king in the North ) ,all seven hells break loose and the holy laws of hospitality is broken in Westros after centuries and Robb and his mother and all his lords are slaughtered at the wedding feast. Just when you think that the book is going on (much treaded)right vs. wrong path the writer kicks you in the butt and makes you ooze out your respect for him. For some readers it is too much to cope ,it feels as if your kin are murdered but once its over the story Story moves on and it forms another sort of vengeance which you will root for the rest of the books. The whole series turns into a sort of vengeance saga with everyone seeming to revenge something . There is a ‘purple wedding’ too but i wont give it away. The plot of Arya and Bran makes you fall in love ,Jaime is transformed completely ,Littlefinger is revealed, The strength of Tywin Lannister shows . You have to ,have to read this book to understand the shear pleasure of high fantasy and the genius goodness of the author. The story of Danerys drags on and on and you get a bit freaked out and the mountain collapses on the short appeared but an awesome character (Red Viper) .Winter is indeed coming on the realm and much shit is gonna happen. 6 out of 5 smileys for this book , i repeat again you have to read this..Next review in 3 days till then ‘Valar Morghulis’


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