A Clash of Kings (Review of book2 of A song of Ice and Fire)

What’s up people (though i have half a mind to write What’s up Bitches here..aah never mind)
I am back (where did i go?) with the review of the book on which the season2 of Game of Thrones is based.
Let’s get started then ,shall we.
Do you love dragons? 15th century medival history? Sorcery ? Blood Magic? War for honour ?50 shades of grey (wait where did this come up)?
Well shit just got real in the book 2 of the series ,the book is titled a Clash of Kings which is aptly named as the whole realm witnesses five kings (infact 6)
There is Joffrey Baratheon on the Iron Throne but there is a doubt over the legitimacy of his birth .
Stannis Baratheon ,Jeoffrey’s uncle who considers himself the rightful king as Jeoffrey is born of incest.
Renly Baratheon ,who is Staniss’s younger brother although he does’nt have a claim yet he wants to become the king with swords.
Then their is Robb Stark ,the king in the North and Trident who wants to carve out an independent kingdom like earlier times because his father was beheaded by Joffrey Baratheon.
And we have Balon Greyjoy Lord of the Iron Islands who also rose 10 years ago in defiance to the Iron Throne.
There are also Mance Rayder (the king beyond the wall) and Danerys Targareyan the last of her line who has just hatched 3 dragons on earth after 100 years and is named the mother of Dragons who claims the throne is hers because Targareyans ruled over Westros for 285 years before Robert Baratheon rebelled and claimed the throne for himself.
If we keep aside the dragons and Sorcery part the book could very well have passed for some account of a war in15th or 16th century Europe.
The writer instead of writing fiction has infact written an awesome account of war and warfare , the troubles of common folk in war times ,the high power game of alliances and the importance of capturing castles .
Readers will connect with the story of young Robb Stark and his direwolf and would cheer for him every time he appears.
The book is not lengthy and makes for an interesting read although there can be a bit confusion because of so many named characters and a lot of them named Frey’s
The book and the show.
You will find quite a few changes of facts in the book from show like Arya never meets Tywin as in the show and Robb is crowned at Riverrun ,Shae does not serve Sansa etc. Minor plots have been changed here and there yet the show and book go long the same line.
I always fell that after reading the books you cannot appreciate the beauty of the show so you should always go from screen to text and this is the suggestion in this case also.
The book series is good and so is the show yet the show looks more of a fantasy while the books seem some account of a war.
Well overall this book is comparable to book 1 in quality but book 1 is more eventful and chaotic .
I am going with 4.5 smileys out of 5 .You have to read this book to read the book 3 which is the best book in this series.
Winter is coming and so is the review of book3 .Keep reading .Ciao.


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