Game of Thrones (Book1 of A song of Ice and Fire review)

Whats up people .Now i know nobody has been reading my blog but still i have hope that someday i will be revered as an Int’l personality due to blogging…haha Kidding
Well this is my book Review #3 and i intend to write a lot more book reviews now because i have started reading a lot lately so today i am gonna review Game of Thrones (arghh not the show the Book) .
Now most of the Tv viewers who wait for Sunday night and switch on HBO might have noticed during the beginning sequence that this series is based on the novel series ‘A song of Ice and Fire ‘ by GRR Martin who apparently is the co -producer of the show and has also written some episodes . Game of Thrones is the book 1 of this seven book series which was published in 1991 .Till now we have seen 5 books of this series published and next book is expected before GRRM dies (well he should’nt die so soon) .
Lets start then ,shall we
Book 1 covers the Season1 of the show while it should have been the other way around but since i’ve seen the show first and read the books later (as is the case of majority) i would say otherwise .So the book starts where the show starts a deserter of the Night’s watch who is slain by Lord Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark ,the Lord of Winterfell and warden of the North. Oh wait i forgot to tell you that the book is situated in an imaginary kingdom of Westros which were made up of 7 independent kingdoms which were united as one by Aegon Targareyan the conquerer with the power of his Dragons some 300 years ago. The Targs ruled for 285 years beforw the present king Robert Baratheon oust him with the help of his childhood buddy Eddard Stark.
The king is visiting his friend and bannerman Eddard Stark after 10 years to ask him to come to the capital King’s Landing and rule as his Hand (basically Prime minister) as his previous hand Jon Arryn ,Warden of East died mysteriously
Well guys who have watched the show know all this and those who have not would read and know about it
So whar should i be speaking of here
The book is awesome well otherwise they wouldn’t have made a multi -million dollar show on it .After watching Season1 you would be playing all the scenes in your mind whilst reading and it would look like a waste of time but certain scenes and plots have been changed in the show and you will get an indepth analysis of the characters. by the end of the book you would be glad you started reading this
I would confess here this is my first fantasy series i havent even read Harry Potter which is a shame but i’ll read them and review them too but its an awesome book meant for everyone to read and enjoy
my rating -5 🙂 out of 5 .the book rocks .
Read it now ..Phew…
Review of book 2 next week.


4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones (Book1 of A song of Ice and Fire review)

  1. Can’t say I agree. I read “Game of Thrones” fairly recently; while some parts were very good, it never truly hooked me. I don’t intend to continue in the series. Just my opinion, of course.

      • It’s hard to specify. It just didn’t hook me. I liked the direwolves, the wights, and the dragons, but beyond that I sometimes had a hard time reading it; it became tedious at points. Not all the time, just sometimes.

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