Review – The Firm by John Grisham.

I am not a real book expert ,nor do i fancy myself as one .But when it comes to books and novels most people are just ignorant and first buy the book because of its cover or writer or some friend’s reccomendation.
So why not just help a bit to you people?
Here’s my verdict of The Firm by John Grisham
The firm starts with enlightening on the lives of a Harvard Law School graduate ho has come from a moderate background and is married . Upon graduation he gets hired by ‘the firm ‘Bendini,
Lambert and Locke which is a niche company located in a small town Memphis.
But this firm is not what it appears to be, there is a secret which lies in the deep vaults of this firm .
What is it? What happens to our hero? Is the secret unearthed?
The firm is written well for the most part of the novel , the middle part is real crisp and builds on the mystery giving some real inside the industry functionality of law firms.
However the downsides are the abrupt ending, the poor mystery which is just as poor as the power game which goes on between FBI and the firm.
overall 3.5 smileys out of 5 .
An entertaining novel over the weekend or vacation.
Do give your own comments. Ciao.


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