i am 18

wow i am an adult now well what.s to wow i was already one in my head thoughts and doings . Can.t understand how so big a time in numbers is infact so small in reality maybe einstein could help with his theory of relativity. The good tym passes fast one,.hehe, well to think how lucky i am that i have been able to cmplte 18 summers of life . Still can.t understand this god.s play characters comin and goin some lyk heroes stayin till the end and others like supportive cast leaving at the director.s discretion. Goin to celebrate tonight.p. Hope this new found legal adulthood would help me to be more responsible and stablise myself to become a part of this rat race of lyf to earn a livng . Tell ur stories of turnin adult. Me waitin., holaaa

echo park review

wow just finished reading ECHO PARK by michael conelly. i have to admit its the best and the most intriguing thriller i have ever read . its comparable to dan brown but with less detail . the characters are very well written each havin an own story . and the best thing is each character is properly developed. hey guys please suggest some more thrillers. lookin forward to comments CIAO.

abooooout shout

well still not sure what i am doin here. I don.t think i have that much intellect that somebody would get up every morning and spend their precious time reading my writings. Well since i am free for a few days what.s bad in experimenting up . Even if nobody reads it i can keep it as a source of remembrance of my own thoughts. Now i don.t have a specific issue nor this blog is anything specific about . So one day i can be your travelogue or the or the other day a random advice giver. Since i study science can discuss that too. Maybe write reviews for books ,songs ,movies. Be a bit philosophical even and i can give cookin advice too . So lets see what happens and start this journey ……..hola.