Indians comfort and loss of time is of no value to British Airways

Indians comfort and loss of time is of no value to British Airways.



10 things you should know before coming to India

So you’ve decided to come to India . Great!!!!! ..Here’s a list of some things you must know before hand
1.It’s a big big World – India is not small ,nor in size neither in what it offers . There is a vast array of people ,religions ,languages ,food , customs and of course weather. The whole of North and west India face extreme temperatures around 45 degree celsius from April to September whereas October to March are relatively cooler around 10 deg celcius. The Eastern part experiences heavy rainfall in monsoons and also around November. So plan your clothing accordingly.
2. Water – Please don’t drink our water! One thing which most of the tavellers eperience in India is the ‘Delhi Belly’ or Diarrohea ,the reason being the difference in water minerals , the best option drink bottled water as much as possible.
3.Food – We love our spices and most of our dishes aren’t suited for Western palate. Also ,60 pc. population is Vegan (not even Eggetarians) so its not uncommon to find restaurants serving vegetarian food alone and Cow is sacred to us so forget beef while you are in India.Thumb rule -Eat where lot of people are eating . Also a good idea would be to carry Nutella ,butter ,jam so that they can be eaten with Chapatis or Paranthas (common Indian breads) when nothing else is available.
4. Travel -Travelling in India can be a unique experience for many because of so many people. Although air travel has become quite popular and air connectivity has improved considerably yet Trains are the most common and cheapest mode of travel. Make sure to reserve your tickets well in advance .There is a quota for Int’l tourists also . Check the India railways website . Try to book the Air Conditioned coaches as they are realtively safer and cleaner. Also abstain from sharing food in trains. Its not uncommon to be drugged and looted in trains .If you are travelling alone avoid night travel especially by buses.
5. People – We are an obsessed bunch of folks. For us watching a foreigner is equivalent to watching a hollywood stars. Be ready for long stares , friendly hellos and requests to get clicked . If you are a girl you can experience some pretty harassing situations in public places. Conducting yourself properly becomes essential. Be friendly but being over friendly could sometimes land you in jittery situations . Most off the times people don’t mean any harm but its not uncommon to get scammed by these friendly people. India is not a bad country infact 99% people are good hearted. Asking for help or directions would never get you a cold reply. People go an extra mile to help tourists here. But also remember that there are language constraints as most of the people have bare minimun English conversation skills so try to find someone who knows English for help.
6. Scams and Hustles – Pickpockets , Snatchers ,Scamsters , Tricksters , Frauds you will meet them all here. You will be sold dirt in the name of antiques ,charges eorbitantly by tais and rickshaws. Haggling for price to 20 % of the original is quite commom. Try finding faults ,sound knowledgable. Being firm and confident would help you in dealing with India. Also it would be a good idea to make partial payments for hotel rooms ,and taxis and the balance at the end.
7. Hotels – All most anywhere in India a good room with AC and TV would cost you around 20 dollars. Try finding these 20 dollar rooms as they are safe and reliable. Going or too cheap places can sometimes compromise on safety. Pre booking the hotels is a good idea. Try reading reviews on Trip Advisor. There is a very nascent hostel culture in India.
8.40 dollars a day – A sufficient budget if you are travelling alone and using public transport or for a group of five using private transport. A sufficient meal costs 2 dollars and 15 dollars are enough for sight seeing or travelling plus the 10 dollars for sharing a room and still 9 dollars for other spending.
9.Andamans -Heaven on Earth . India is a rushy place when you have 15 % of world population living on 2% land its bound to be rushy ! But India has its bery own isles , the Andamans are a group of 500 islands geographically near too Myanmar than India but under Indian control. It has pristine beaches ,no rush . the best among them Havelock Island where there is nothing but sand and sea ,a very good spot for underwater diving and the best beach in Asia (Radhanagar Beach) . Its a must visit on a trip to India.
10 Namaste -This word would help you navigate most of India . Fold your hands and say Namaste and the country is yours.Please be ready to tell your name and nationality and what do you do to more people than ever.The Indian nod is something you should be aware of. We shake our heads both in acceptance and rejections so it becomes difficult to understand what is yes and what is no. But you will understand after a few days.
So be prepared , don’t be afraid ,forget anything bad i’ve said. India is a great place and you’ll enjoy a lot. Happy travelling

Book riview of”A Thousand Splendid Suns ” by Khaleed Hosseini.

Whats up people ? Well haven’t wrote since past month ,you know blogging requires a kick (rather a big spank ), would try to write on diverse topics now. But first let me review the book in the title ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ by Khaleed Hosseini.
There has never been a book i read that has literally made me shed tears (well except my high school Mathematics book) ,this book is a triumph in all senses.
The story starts from Herat,Iran where our first lead Mariam lives in a small village with her mother , his father is a reputed businessman in the city and she is an illegitimate child. Although the start is a bit melodramatic but it sets the pace for the rest of the book. Mariam is married to Rashid who is from Kabul and 25 yrs older than him and thus begins our tryst with Afghanistan and how the women are living their under Soviet Russia. Don’t think that the novel will give you any insight on the Afghan wars or political situation in the country. At the most it can give you some names to Google on if you are really interested in history. The politics acts out as a character in itself but basically does not alter any circumstances greatly.
So her life goes on in Kabul as a common Asian housewife . And then we are introduced with the second lead Laila , Laila who is the daughter of a high school teacher lives in Mariam’s neighbourhood . Circumstances make Laila marry Rasheed and simultaneously we see the comings of Taliban coming to Kabul. Laila gives birth to Aziza whos can be called the third female lead. A beautiful love binds Mariam,Laila and Aziza but there lives take turn with Rashid losing his job and Talibani ‘farmans’. This is just an overview of the story , the feelings cannot be expressed here.
The characters shown are all in cliche. Although Rasheed is a character made to hate but personally to me he comes across as a good man who has been hardened by the situations and life around him and so is Jalil (Mariam’s father) who visits him without fail on thursdays is a love -hate character. All in all this is a wonderful book with a heart warming story and there is happy ending .
I am going with 4 out of 5 🙂 . Read this book with tissue paper close.

A Dance with Dragons (Review of book 5 of A Song of Ice and Fire)

Whats up people? More than the pressing matter at hand (the review of book5 ) ,i am more concerned about what should i write next?? The net is full of writers , reviewers, advisors (sarastic retards) yet i pledge to write .
So Lets start with the review shall we??
For people too lazy to read there is TV (hell ya) ,now if you are this kind (you wont read the book anyway). But also if you are a show die hard who does not want to ruin the suspense ,But(life is a story of ifs and buts) if 2 or 3 years look so long (consider waiting for season 6 )for this book ,here’s my verdict for you.
As told this is not the continuation of book4 but the book 3 , so its very much possible to see glimpses of this book in season 4 of the show also. Also by 60% of this book the streams of book 4 and 5 merge and it starts to flow as one again.
The first 60%
In this part we travel North and in the free cities towads the stories of Stannis , Danerys ,Jon and Tyrion. Stannis marches on Winterfell captured by Boltons (with the support of Stark bannermen) . A fake Arya is sent to marry Ramsay . There is lot of conspiracy in North (google Frey Pies) with Manderleys and Mormonts still rooting for Starks and Davos is sent to search for Rickon while Bran is North of the wall with few remaining Children of Forest and the last Greensear (sorcerer). This is a huge book and there is a whole lot of talk of magic , dragons , sorcery , warging , sacrifices . This is the first book in the series which looks as a High fantasy genre.
Jon is the commander on wall and busy joining pacts with wildlings to fight their common foe (the others).
While the other part takes us to free cities where Danerys after becoming queen of Meeren and quashing slave trade is faced with enemies from inside and outside , she finally flies away on her dragon (presumed dead ) and the arrival of a Secret Targareyan reborn from dead ( although there is a strong pretender theory here). Tyrion has an adventure in free cities getting caught , freed ,caught again.
The story goes to King’s Landing with Cersei’s walk of shame ,Zombie of the Mountain and the masterstroke return of Varys with the official decleration of winter.My rating 4 out of 5 .. If this book is a build up to the next book …we ‘ll have a cold winter ahead.

What is to be expected next? First question when to expect the book – A too optimistic response would be mid or end 2014 but GRR writes when he writes .What to expect – well winter for sure and anothe post abt the possibilities. !Wait for it. Ciao.

A Feast for Crows (Review of book 4 of A Song of Ice and Fire)

Whats up people? Well the response has been good to my blog (11follower, hell ya) and so i ‘ve decided to update the blog every three days (though the wordpress interface baffles the shit out of me ). But lets review the book first ,shall we.
What happens when you kill all the main characters and write the next book?
A Feast for Crows.
A disclaimer -The books 4 and 5 are actually one book ,what has been done is in book 4 the after story of Red and Purple Wedding has been shown in King’s Landing and related characters .
In book5 the story travels North and in Free Cities and by the end of fifth book the stories unite.
Book4 is a small one covers basically Cersei in the aftermath of Tywin’s death . Cersei becomes the power centre but is unable to handle the pressure and falls into scheming and removing all her enemies but fails miserably and finally is overcome by Faith of Seven which in turn was empowered by Cersei to revive a 200 year old faith militantia .The story moves more towards religions and how they act when pressed to a corner , The red god ,drowned god, old and new gods its all  moving towards religions affecting ideoligies and when in tough times how powerful people try to mould religion to benifits, wile book 3 was treachery , deceit ,the attack of wildling on the wall and side by side the threat of white walkers and other things , wrath of dragons , war and conquerers ,this book is plainly an account of consolidation of the war.The war is almost over and its Now time for vengeance.
One continuos theme of this novel is the strength of women or their resolve for power , Cersei ,Merrywether ,Margery , Arriane and Sand Snakes of Dorne , Asha Greyjoy small wonder this book looks more of a drama sort than fantasy.
I’ll go with 4 out of 5 smileys for this book . Although the weakest book in the series it still has its strong points and makes for an interesting read never the less. Keep Reading for the review of the final novel (printed till date ). What else book should i review? Do suggest . Ciao !


A Storm of Swords ( Review of book 3 of A Song of Ice and Fire)

Whats up people (dropped the bitches thing )its a family show (blog) . Its on then ,review of book 3 ,the review you have been waiting(read dying) for ,the review of the century, it’s gonna be awesome (enough blabering about a blog post). Damn me and my monologues.
We should start then ,shall we?
What do you get when you mix -wine and marriage ?,blood and marriage?,an apple and wedding ? (Makes no sense)
‘The Red Wedding’ .I am going to give away the biggest spoiler of the century ,so if you don’t have the stomach for soiled things close the damn tab and move away from your screen. I have done my duty you will read it on your own risk.The show viewers must have torn their clothes apart during these scenes you know i am talkin about Season 3 episode ‘Rains of Castemere’ (which undid the thing that this was the worst season of GOT). Everybody dies ‘Valar Morghulis’ ,it is indeed known but this kind of horrific massacare of lead characters (heroes of the story)is unprecedented .Just when you are rooting for Robb Stark (king in the North ) ,all seven hells break loose and the holy laws of hospitality is broken in Westros after centuries and Robb and his mother and all his lords are slaughtered at the wedding feast. Just when you think that the book is going on (much treaded)right vs. wrong path the writer kicks you in the butt and makes you ooze out your respect for him. For some readers it is too much to cope ,it feels as if your kin are murdered but once its over the story Story moves on and it forms another sort of vengeance which you will root for the rest of the books. The whole series turns into a sort of vengeance saga with everyone seeming to revenge something . There is a ‘purple wedding’ too but i wont give it away. The plot of Arya and Bran makes you fall in love ,Jaime is transformed completely ,Littlefinger is revealed, The strength of Tywin Lannister shows . You have to ,have to read this book to understand the shear pleasure of high fantasy and the genius goodness of the author. The story of Danerys drags on and on and you get a bit freaked out and the mountain collapses on the short appeared but an awesome character (Red Viper) .Winter is indeed coming on the realm and much shit is gonna happen. 6 out of 5 smileys for this book , i repeat again you have to read this..Next review in 3 days till then ‘Valar Morghulis’

A Clash of Kings (Review of book2 of A song of Ice and Fire)

What’s up people (though i have half a mind to write What’s up Bitches here..aah never mind)
I am back (where did i go?) with the review of the book on which the season2 of Game of Thrones is based.
Let’s get started then ,shall we.
Do you love dragons? 15th century medival history? Sorcery ? Blood Magic? War for honour ?50 shades of grey (wait where did this come up)?
Well shit just got real in the book 2 of the series ,the book is titled a Clash of Kings which is aptly named as the whole realm witnesses five kings (infact 6)
There is Joffrey Baratheon on the Iron Throne but there is a doubt over the legitimacy of his birth .
Stannis Baratheon ,Jeoffrey’s uncle who considers himself the rightful king as Jeoffrey is born of incest.
Renly Baratheon ,who is Staniss’s younger brother although he does’nt have a claim yet he wants to become the king with swords.
Then their is Robb Stark ,the king in the North and Trident who wants to carve out an independent kingdom like earlier times because his father was beheaded by Joffrey Baratheon.
And we have Balon Greyjoy Lord of the Iron Islands who also rose 10 years ago in defiance to the Iron Throne.
There are also Mance Rayder (the king beyond the wall) and Danerys Targareyan the last of her line who has just hatched 3 dragons on earth after 100 years and is named the mother of Dragons who claims the throne is hers because Targareyans ruled over Westros for 285 years before Robert Baratheon rebelled and claimed the throne for himself.
If we keep aside the dragons and Sorcery part the book could very well have passed for some account of a war in15th or 16th century Europe.
The writer instead of writing fiction has infact written an awesome account of war and warfare , the troubles of common folk in war times ,the high power game of alliances and the importance of capturing castles .
Readers will connect with the story of young Robb Stark and his direwolf and would cheer for him every time he appears.
The book is not lengthy and makes for an interesting read although there can be a bit confusion because of so many named characters and a lot of them named Frey’s
The book and the show.
You will find quite a few changes of facts in the book from show like Arya never meets Tywin as in the show and Robb is crowned at Riverrun ,Shae does not serve Sansa etc. Minor plots have been changed here and there yet the show and book go long the same line.
I always fell that after reading the books you cannot appreciate the beauty of the show so you should always go from screen to text and this is the suggestion in this case also.
The book series is good and so is the show yet the show looks more of a fantasy while the books seem some account of a war.
Well overall this book is comparable to book 1 in quality but book 1 is more eventful and chaotic .
I am going with 4.5 smileys out of 5 .You have to read this book to read the book 3 which is the best book in this series.
Winter is coming and so is the review of book3 .Keep reading .Ciao.

Game of Thrones (Book1 of A song of Ice and Fire review)

Whats up people .Now i know nobody has been reading my blog but still i have hope that someday i will be revered as an Int’l personality due to blogging…haha Kidding
Well this is my book Review #3 and i intend to write a lot more book reviews now because i have started reading a lot lately so today i am gonna review Game of Thrones (arghh not the show the Book) .
Now most of the Tv viewers who wait for Sunday night and switch on HBO might have noticed during the beginning sequence that this series is based on the novel series ‘A song of Ice and Fire ‘ by GRR Martin who apparently is the co -producer of the show and has also written some episodes . Game of Thrones is the book 1 of this seven book series which was published in 1991 .Till now we have seen 5 books of this series published and next book is expected before GRRM dies (well he should’nt die so soon) .
Lets start then ,shall we
Book 1 covers the Season1 of the show while it should have been the other way around but since i’ve seen the show first and read the books later (as is the case of majority) i would say otherwise .So the book starts where the show starts a deserter of the Night’s watch who is slain by Lord Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark ,the Lord of Winterfell and warden of the North. Oh wait i forgot to tell you that the book is situated in an imaginary kingdom of Westros which were made up of 7 independent kingdoms which were united as one by Aegon Targareyan the conquerer with the power of his Dragons some 300 years ago. The Targs ruled for 285 years beforw the present king Robert Baratheon oust him with the help of his childhood buddy Eddard Stark.
The king is visiting his friend and bannerman Eddard Stark after 10 years to ask him to come to the capital King’s Landing and rule as his Hand (basically Prime minister) as his previous hand Jon Arryn ,Warden of East died mysteriously
Well guys who have watched the show know all this and those who have not would read and know about it
So whar should i be speaking of here
The book is awesome well otherwise they wouldn’t have made a multi -million dollar show on it .After watching Season1 you would be playing all the scenes in your mind whilst reading and it would look like a waste of time but certain scenes and plots have been changed in the show and you will get an indepth analysis of the characters. by the end of the book you would be glad you started reading this
I would confess here this is my first fantasy series i havent even read Harry Potter which is a shame but i’ll read them and review them too but its an awesome book meant for everyone to read and enjoy
my rating -5 🙂 out of 5 .the book rocks .
Read it now ..Phew…
Review of book 2 next week.

Review – The Firm by John Grisham.

I am not a real book expert ,nor do i fancy myself as one .But when it comes to books and novels most people are just ignorant and first buy the book because of its cover or writer or some friend’s reccomendation.
So why not just help a bit to you people?
Here’s my verdict of The Firm by John Grisham
The firm starts with enlightening on the lives of a Harvard Law School graduate ho has come from a moderate background and is married . Upon graduation he gets hired by ‘the firm ‘Bendini,
Lambert and Locke which is a niche company located in a small town Memphis.
But this firm is not what it appears to be, there is a secret which lies in the deep vaults of this firm .
What is it? What happens to our hero? Is the secret unearthed?
The firm is written well for the most part of the novel , the middle part is real crisp and builds on the mystery giving some real inside the industry functionality of law firms.
However the downsides are the abrupt ending, the poor mystery which is just as poor as the power game which goes on between FBI and the firm.
overall 3.5 smileys out of 5 .
An entertaining novel over the weekend or vacation.
Do give your own comments. Ciao.

Back To Basics

It has been quite some time since i wrote last time . Well life was changing for me and so could not find enough time to write something but now its settled. I am in a college living away from  home in the company of people of my age and i am enjoying it. That is why they say that colleges are the most awesome phase of your life ,you get to meet so many people and do so many things and that too independently of your own. But I do understand that along with all the fun it offers this is the time when i have to do something and think of how i am gonna earn the bread for the rest of my life .Well but for the time being it’s all play and no study  that’s making jack a dull boy.